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This month I am linking up for the first time with The Tiny Twig.  Each month she encourages everyone to make goals for the month that will enrich your life.

So here are a just few things that I would like to accomplish…


  •  Make family christmas cards~  this seems a little small but I am the worst at this. I really love getting cards from all my friends and family!  I never even sent out a birth announcement for my son and he will be a year next month :-/
  •  Plan Josiah’s first b-day~ I want this day to be special but lets face it, its more for us then it is for him.  He would be happy with an empty box and the wrapping paper. Maybe I should call this mama & daddys first b-day party…
  • Decorate for the holidays~ One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving! I love having parties with friends and family but most importantly talking about all things we have been thankful for this past year. Also I am going to try and  hold off my husband from decorating for Christmas~ which is his all time favorite holiday.  Our house would be decorated year round for Christmas if he could…
  • Work out at least three times a week~ as mentioned before, I have an almost 1 year old…things don’t look as they did before… ahem, moving on.
  • Abide ~  I did the abide field guide with Naptime Diaries this summer but I want to go through it again, I usually get more if I do lessons/devotions more than once.


So there it is. I will let you know how it goes. In the meantime go over to The Tiny Twig and check out other November Goals and get inspired!

~ Brittany

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  • Ashley Wells - I am normally a much better planner in terms of Christmas cards. But this year…nothing. I think I might skip it. Grace, right?ReplyCancel

    • brittany_ann - Yes! Total grace! No worries mama!ReplyCancel

  • jessica - These are great goals! I’m struggling for Christmas cards this year too! My husband and I have been married for almost four Christmases now and I have wanted to do a Christmas card photo every year and I never get around to it!ReplyCancel

    • brittany_ann - Ha! I totally understand! Our first year married I sent out our christmas card in February ;-/ReplyCancel

  • Laurie Cosgrove - These really resonate with me! I loved the Abide Journal too – it’s a great idea to go back through it. I design Christmas card templates so maybe these would help get them out? I have the same problem though – I design them for other people but then never get them out for my own family haha.ReplyCancel

    • brittany_ann - What a great shop! I will definitely be checking those out! Thanks!ReplyCancel

I absolutely love this season.  I know I have said it before but Fall is my favorite for so many reasons  Here are just a few things I love about Fall:

Credit julep

Fall can be so forgiving. Boots, scarves, big cardigans…whats not to love.


Credit Fall

the colors are heavenly. Every year I am amazed by the vibrant colors, it always surprises me and never disappoints.

Credit mint

Perfect weather for camping.  This is something that we do not do often but I love it when we do. Campfires, crisp mornings, snuggling into sleeping bags at night, cooking over a fire, brings back childhood memories 😉


Credit Little Red House

Soup.  I could eat soup for every meal, in the summer its not very enjoyable when its hot outside but in the cooler months starting in Fall….I could eat it every meal.


Credit Liz Marie Blog

And lastly for today ,Fall Decor.  I love the warm colors of Fall decorations!





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  • Molly - i need that fall porch!ReplyCancel

    • brittany_ann - Isn’t that amazing, I would love to read a book on that porch!ReplyCancel

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  • Anu - This is ah-mazing!I was more than thrilled to fololw you everywhere!I love your work and I believe it takes real talent to do what you do. Keep it up because your art shows beautifully in your creations. I love you and your work! 😀 Stay awesome and keep doing your thang! lol -the ever pleasant an totally obessed fan VANESSA!!!!! CERVANTES!!!!vanessam.cervantes@gmail.comReplyCancel

I love these two.  They are sweet and precious and I am so glad I get to call them family.  They love on our little boy just like he was theirs and he loves them too!  He has a little thing for red heads and I am pretty sure its because of his Tia 😉

Happy 4 years you two and many more!



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  • Hussin - Haha, these phoots are great. I love all the phoots where you two look like you’re trying really hard to cut that cake a millimeter at a time. I think we didn’t even do cake cutting at my wedding. That part is a blur in my mind but I think we just had someone else cut it, haha.ReplyCancel