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Harmony Ridge Farm

He walks up to us as soon as we arrive. He's tan around the eyes and his boots are worn because he's been working tirelessly on this farm so families like ours can create fall memories we won't soon forget.

She always greets us with a smile. The kind that you believe because her positive nature emanates through every conversation. It's a demeanor I long to possess and often don't.

We met the Johns family through football, our boys in the huddle together yelling the word family and clunking helmets. But since then, Joel's quiet sarcasm on the sidelines, TA's warmth every time we see her, the way our values line up, and their more than 100 acres have made us friends.

This isn't just another pumpkin patch. Harmony Ridge Farm is a place for the heart.

You won't pay more than $32 no matter the size of your crew. If it's cold, you can grab apple cider and hot chocolate. Find pumpkins and slide down a giant hill. Take a tractor ride with narration by the smartest kids around. Play in a tub of corn kernels, throw bean bags, and meet Joel. He'll even take your picture.

Located outside of Denver, this will easily become your new tradition.

This weekend is your last chance for the year, so head on over to Harmony Ridge Farm. Pet the goat for me.

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