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Her First Best Friend

She was begging me to invite the blonde across the street on a walk. They'd moved in a year before and the girls seemed about the same age. In fact, they were only four days apart and both as petite as a mini muffin.

It wasn't long before she was asking me to go over every day, the words tumbling out with cereal milk still fresh on her chin. They rode bikes and scooters, drew with sidewalk chalk, played dress up, and made plans for all the days.

We were there when her lip met some handlebars and she needed stitches. They were there when my daughter went through her potty-training days, freely doing somersaults sans underwear in their a dress. God help us. We survived the Frozen phenomena together, spent countless hours over beers talking of faith and family and life, and carved out a special, untouchable bond that will never be like another.

Next week they move halfway across the U.S. and our hearts are heavy with the loss. Though the girls have gone to different elementary schools and we built a house down the road, they fall right into step like they weren't apart one single minute.

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget."

G. Randolf

It's time to look at flights.

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