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Whiskey Belle Ranch

Summer starts with so much promise: late bedtimes, ice cream just because, golden tans, and fireworks. But by August the fighting between my four kids and the sheer volume of them all, leaves me overstimulated and crabby.

So my husband and I booked two nights on a working cattle ranch. I get you, it's weird. Until you're greeted by the sweetest, small-framed woman. Alanna carries a warmth that quickly eases you into the weekend. She's down-to-earth and an excellent cook. Bob is as rugged as you'd expect and was a gentleman of a guide into the history of the surrounding landscape. Their dogs Double Shot and Mist kept us company on the porch in case we dropped any bacon.

The ranches in Livermore are rich with 1800's cowboy heritage; a true vacation.

And oh, the cows. To be specific, Swedish Highlands which are quickly gaining popularity in America and who give me hair envy.

There was margin for sleeping without crumbs in the covers, long conversations over biscuits with jam, and laughing. So. Much. Laughing.

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